The lab at the U specializes in U-Pb and trace element analysis of accessory phases (currently zircon, titanite, and monazite) for petrochronology or detrital analyses. A 193 nm excimer laser can be connected to a single instrument or combination of instruments, including two multicollector ICP-MS and a quadrupole ICP-MS.

Our petrochronology instrumentation and labs:

- Photon Machines 193 nm Excimer Laser with Helex two-volume cell

- Agilent 7500ce Quadrupole-ICP

- Thermo NeptunePlus MC-ICP

- Thermo Neptune MC-ICP

- Mineral separation and sample preparation lab

- There is in-house access to a sample characterization lab (EPMA, SEM and QEMSCAN instruments)


Please email Diego Fernandez if you are interested in sending samples or visiting our lab for analyses.


Please email Diego Fernandez for pricing information.