Incremental emplacement of plutons and Sierra Nevada and Sevier-Laramide tectonics

- Understanding the formation of the Alta contact aureole and emplacement of the Alta and Little Cottonwood Stocks, Wasatch Mountains, UT using titanite & zircon petrochronology
- fabric analysis of mylonitic wall rocks associated with syn and post-deformation pluton emplacement
- anatomy and assembly of the McDoogle pluton, central Sierra Nevada, CA
- coalescence of slip across joints to produce the West Pinnacle Fault, central Sierra Nevada, California

Orogenesis of the Pamir plateau

Spatial and temporal evolution of the Pamir plateau, Tajikistan.
- U/Th-Pb monazite petrochronology
- thermobarometry of deep crustal rocks
- U-Pb & Zr thermometry in titanite to build Temperature-Deformation-time (T-D-t) paths

Petrochronology technique development

Improving accuracy of LA(SS)-ICP-MS petrochronolgy analyses with:
- high spatial-resolution analysis by single shot-laser ablation depth profiling
- assessment of lattice diffusion of Pb and Zr (and other TE) in titanite using multi-element single shot-split stream (SS-LASS) depth profiling
- understanding the role of fluorine-rich fluids in metamorphic recrystallization and chemical and isotopic equilibration of titanite
- understanding dynamic recrystallization as a mechanism for chemical and isotopic equilibration of titanite